Letu2019s face it u2014 the dating pool is tough. Whether itu2019s a duck-faced selfie http://www.manoknyga.com/ on Tinder, a grammatical error on OKCupid, or just a ridiculous pick-up line at a bar, there are plenty of reasons out there to swipe left. Valentino Shoes Online

Still, nothing is quite as telling as your dateu2019s bookshelf. Whether itu2019s a completely packed library u00e0u00a0la Beauty and the Beast (major brownie points) or a home devoid of books (perhaps they have a Kindle?) knowing what your date reads could Valentino Shoes give you just that extra push to keep them around for awhile u2014 or move on. Here, a few thoughts on some books that might pop up on said dateu2019s bookshelf u2014 Fiftyu00a0Shades of Grey included.